FR Plus DTDC Tracking | Track your Parcel Here

FR Plus DTDC Tracking | Track your Parcel Here

DTDC Tracking

In 1990, DTDC India emerged as a pioneer in the courier industry, swiftly expanding its services globally by the early 2000s. Today, in partnership with DPDgroup, DTDC boasts a vast network, ensuring seamless domestic and international deliveries.

Easy Tracking Solutions

DTDC tracking is hassle-free. Your tracking number, found on your consignment note or confirmation email, is your key. Use Circuit Package Tracker, DTDC’s website, or their SMS tracker for real-time updates.

Cracking the Tracking Code

DTDC’s tracking terms might puzzle you, but fear not. Whether it’s an “Air Waybill” or “consignment number,” they all signify your tracking code. Their status “In Transit” implies your package is en route, though it may take a few stops before reaching your door.

Overcoming Challenges

Lost your tracking number? Don’t fret. Contact your sender promptly. DTDC’s support system is transparent, with city-specific hotlines for swift assistance. Delays are typically due to routine checks at facilities, ensuring your package’s safety.

Customs Dilemmas

Customs snag? No worries. Customs will notify you, and if not, reach out to them or your sender. DTDC prioritizes your packages, offering a reliable delivery window despite the hurdles.

Missed Deliveries

Missed a delivery? DTDC notifies you promptly. Reschedule or have it redelivered. For international parcels, partner couriers handle deliveries, adapting to local conditions for timely arrivals.

FAQs: Demystifying DTDC

  • Is DTDC delivery fast? Absolutely. Their extensive domestic and global network ensures deliveries within two days to three weeks worldwide.
  • Can I track by address? Your tracking number is your ticket. Check your confirmation email or contact the sender if you’re unsure.
  • Stuck in customs? Customs will contact you. If not, contact your local customs office or the sender for assistance.

Rest assured, with DTDC, your packages are in safe hands, swiftly navigating the complex courier world to reach your doorstep seamlessly.

FR Plus DTDC Tracking

Desk To Desk Courier & Cargo is an Indian Courier company. It is known as FR Plus DTDC Tracking. Its headquarters are in Bangalore and Karnataka. It handles more than 12 million deliveries in a month. It is very famous in India. It is very fast and saves courier companies. It provides Its services at very cheap rates. It has an experienced team to deliver your parcel very safely and fast.  It has many trucks and cargo for distribution. If you are a Business scale man and want to ship anything surely you will choose FR Plus.


FR DTSC Plus is very famous in India. Most people use this tracking for courier services. It has many cargo and trucks to deliver your package. DTDC fr plus is doing their services in many stats and many pin codes of India. Their service is very quick and safe. They are using modern technology to improve their services. FR DTDC Plus is trying to make their branches in every state of India. Most people trust their services.

DTDC Tracking via SMS

DTDC has simplified tracking through SMS, putting control in your hands. Follow these steps for swift updates:

1. Tracking Your Shipment: Compose a message with “TRACK(space)Consignment Number” and send it to 9230092300. For instance, (TRACK Z20979409). Your shipment’s journey will be at your fingertips!

2. Checking DTDC Pin Code: Need to know your area’s pin code? Send a message with “PIN(space)Pin Code” to 9230092300. For example, (PIN 110005). Discover the precise pin code hassle-free.

DTDC understands your need for convenience, ensuring that tracking your shipments and locating pin codes is as easy as sending a text. Stay updated, stay informed!

DTDC Courier Tracking Status

When you’re eagerly waiting for your DTDC package, understanding the tracking status can be a game-changer. Here’s your guide to deciphering the DTDC Courier Tracking Status:

1. In transit: Your DTDC package is en route, heading straight to your doorstep. Anticipate its arrival with excitement!

2. Booked: The sender or merchant has requested the courier service to collect your package. It’s the initial step towards reaching you.

3. Softdata Upload: Your package details are registered in the DTDC system, awaiting final confirmation. The system is gearing up to process your delivery.

4. Pickup Scheduled: Great news! Your package is on the courier’s schedule, all set to be picked up soon.

5. Out for Delivery: The moment you’ve been waiting for! Your package is out for delivery, making its way to your specified destination.

6. Pickup Awaited: A shipping label has been generated, and your package is in the final stages of being prepared for dispatch.

7. Delivered: Hooray! The recipient has joyfully received the package, marking a successful delivery.

8. Picked Up: The courier has efficiently collected your package from your doorstep, initiating its journey.

9. Not Delivered: Unfortunately, the delivery attempt was not successful. Rest assured, DTDC will be working on resolving this promptly.

10. RTO in Transit: “Return to Origin” status means the package is on its way back to the sender, ensuring it’s redirected appropriately.

11. FDM Prepared: FDM, or Franchise Delivery Manifest, signifies your package is ready for delivery. It’ll be in your hands in the next few hours.

12. Not Picked: Regrettably, the courier missed picking up the package. Don’t worry; rescheduling ensures your package gets the attention it deserves.

Understanding these statuses ensures you’re always in the loop, tracking your package’s every move until it reaches you!

FR Plus DTDC tracking Check Online

When you use FR Plus DTDC Tracking to ship or order something, they give you a number. This tracking number has all the information about your package. This number lets you know when your package will arrive. You are emailed or texted this tracking number. You can get the tracking number back from customer service if you lose it. With the help of a tracking number, we’ll show you how simple and easy it is to track your package online. You will be able to check your package in less time and without wasting time. You can find out where your package is by carefully following a few easy steps. You can also track V Trans Tracking

How To track FR Plus DTDC Tracking Online

Please follow these steps to Track FR DTDC tracking online.

  • First, you have a valid tracking number by DTDC tracking .
  • Enter your tracking number into our real-time tracker.
  • Then press the track button to track your package.
  • Soon you will know all about your package.
  • If you face any problem you can contact FR Plus customer Support.

FR Plus Customer Support

CourierContact NumberEmailMain Office Address
FR Plus DTDC+91 80, Lahari Towers, 1st Main, Albert Victor Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore, Karnataka, India – 560018

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